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Aug 24, 2012. The strength of auroral activity runs in 11-year cycles; 2012/13 just happens If you have always wanted to see the northern. lights, this is undoubtedly the time. In the northern hemisphere they are known as the aurora borealis and. The snowy wilds of Canada and Alaska are fine viewing spots, but for 



To watch the aurora borealis. feels downright otherworldly the Northern Lights greatly increase the more north you travel—think: Alaska, Canada, Scandinavia nighttime event does sometimes grace the skies here at the right time of year.



Alaska is the American northern. lights destination of choice. If you want to see the aurora borealis at. their most spectacular this year, travel Popular All Time
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Learn more about the northern lights and how you can experience. this natural phenomenon when visiting Anchorage, Alaska Northern Lights, also known as aurora borealis, can be seen most of the year Or check the Online Aurora Forecast -. updated each day by 3 PM Alaska Time

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Scratch the northern lights off your wish list with a trip to Alaska we can expect the aurora to be visible here in Seattle two to three times a year,” he says

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Nov 21, 2013 Scientists say this year's Northern Lights will be the best in a decade in Alaska, is often cited as the best place to see the Northern Lights in the United to see auroras here, but I have managed to see them couple of times.

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Alaska is the best place to see the. Northern Lights, especially in. Another factor in choosing a “best time. of year” has to be comfort for the 

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That means the best time for seeing the aurora during Alaska's winter is 11:30 p m –3:30. a m. with the peak at 1:30 a m During Alaska's spring and fall 

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Oct 14, 2013 Many of us dream of seeing the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights Last winter was the best time to see the phenomenon for a decade, but thanks to the 'twin peaks' So maybe this is the year to make that dream come true? But isn't. it awfully expensive to go to Alaska or the North Pole to see them?

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Nov 16, 2004 Q: What's the best time of year to see the Northern Lights in Alaska? In the winter you can see the Aurora Borealis but in temperatures of 

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Information about viewing the Northern Lights in Alaska: where to go, when and how By the time you get far enough north to see the Northern Lights more reliably, This is also the coldest part of the. year, reaching as low as -40 F. Brighter 

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So the dark of the moon in March is the best time of year to travel to the auroral zone since and Dick Hutchinson http://www. ptialaska. net/~hutch/aurora html Things to do in Alaska in the winter - Northern Lights Viewing also known as aurora borealis, occur about 60 or 70 miles above the earth's surface —about 10 times higher than a jet Aurora activity approached a maximum in the year 2012.

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In this period of time, no Northern Lights can be. In the most intense Northern Lights. area (notably Alaska, Yukon,  Anchorage Daily News The aurora borealis lights up the sky in a colorful display above Eagle River. The aurora is active all year but can only be seen when the 

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11-Year Solar. Cycle. For 400 years, from the time of Galileo until now, we have been keeping track of the number of these sunspots. Aurora Borealis season in northern polar latitudes (Alaska, northern Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, 

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