WI beat NZ by 203 runs



NZ beat WI by 58 runs (D/L method)



AUS beat ENG by 281 runs



Oct 16, 2013 The giant Pacific octopus is, in the. words of a Seattle conservationist, Mayer holding the giant Pacific octopus that he caught in Puget Sound



Martinetti Big Eye Slayer Luminous Squid Jigs with Holographic finish Puget Sound Squid Teaser ™ Squid Jigs. For Giant Squid Jigs 2" / 51mm 10 Points.



posted in West Coast: Aloha, I know this is a squid forum but just wondering. if anyone fishes for the octopus found in Puget Sound? It seems 
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He hears a deep exhale, a sound of release, and comes eye to eye with a giant squid But, there are no giant squid in Puget Sound or anywhere around it--and 

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Puget Sound Squid. Teaser ™ These highly reflective Giant Squid Jigs, with the spiral Glow Tape. design, and luminous tubing on the hooks are not only eye 

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Martinetti Big Eye Slayer Luminous Squid Jigs with Holographic finish Other testimonial from SE Alaska used Micro-Lights to catch Giant Lingcod 50-70lbs! and Indian Oceans, as well as Puget Sound, California, Florida, East Coast

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Learn all you wanted to know about giant Pacific octopuses with. pictures, videos, photos, facts, and news from National Photo: Giant squid attacking bait squid.

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Up to 900 feet deep in places Puget Sound. is sometimes home to the third largest it the third largest squid after the Giant Squid and the Colossal squid).

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Jul 4, 2009 The report says it's believed to be a Humboldt Squid; this info says those squid the squid typically referred to as “giant squid” is genus Architeuthis, not. for all who love the idea of discovering squid in puget sound… pick up 

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Jan 28, 2013 A Giant squid with an eye as big as your head was filmed live and in its own. I live on the Puget Sound; I wonder if giant squid could be down  Jun 6, 2012 A rare giant squid being eaten by an 8-foot shark off the Australian. coast has been caught on video and spread around the Web today

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Records of the Robust Clubhook squid Moroteuthis. robusta in Puget Sound, WA, USA The giant squid Architeuthis have been reported in the North Pacific  Sep 19, 2009 While Coho salmon fishing in the Strait of Juan de Fuca outside of Sekiu, WA, my wife and I encountered a school of Humboldt Squid

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Humboldt squid swarm around ROV Tiburon, possibly attracted to its lights. They have also ventured into Puget Sound. Though they. usually. "KRAKEN Day: Humboldts, They're Here. to Stay and They're NOT Giant Squid" Deep Sea News  Sep 29, 2012. (When a giant squid is mature, they. can stretch up to thirty feet ) almost all the way to Russia, and a. fifth traveled south of Puget Sound. Why?

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as the source of the giant axons – the. large nerve cells where the secrets of. The squid most commonly found in Puget Sound. is known as the opalescent or  Rumors of a giant squid dwelling beneath the Tacoma Narrows Bridge are The briny channels of upper Puget Sound and the Strait of Juan de Fuca are the 

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